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Hearing Dates (Poughkeepsie)

  • Any matter that should appear on the Court calendar and heard by the Honorable Cecelia Morris MUST be docketed with a hearing date and time. It is the attorney's responsibility to docket the entry correctly to ensure that the matter appears on the Court calendar. Please review the Honorable Cecelia Morris' available hearing dates:

    Available Hearing Dates for Poughkeepsie cases

    Available Hearing Dates for White Plains Chapter 13 cases

    Madoff/BLMIS Omnibus Hearing Dates

  • Pre-trial dates are assigned by the Clerk's Office and will appear on the Summons when issued by the Court.
  • Please contact chambers PRIOR to filing an order to show cause. If permission is received, email the application to chambers after filing the application on the Electronic Case Filing (ECF) System. The affidavit of service must be filed on the electronic docket once served.