White Plains Orders

Files listed below are in Microsoft Word format:

Form of Order Voiding a Wholly Undersecured Mortgage (In re Pond, 252 F.3d 122) (2d Cir. 2001)

Form 362(d) Order

Form of Order Lifting Automatic Stay After Default Under Conditional Order

Order Confirming that Relief From Automatic Stay Does Not Apply

Order Granting In Rem Relief From the Automatic Stay

Loss Mitigation Procedures and Forms

Loss Mitigation Adjournment Order
Counsel are responsible for promptly submitting to chambers, by e-mail, a proposed order granting their request for an adjournment of the Loss Mitigation status conference .

Order Approving Loan Modification Agreement
With the proposed order, the movant also must email chambers the Loan Modification Agreement and the underlying motion.

Order Approving Trial Loan Modification

Scheduling and Pre-Trial Order

Judge Drain's Laptop Order

Order Directing Correction of the Debtor's Social Security Number