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Rule 9070-1

COPIES OF FILED PAPERS – New August 1, 2013

(a)       Copy for United States Trustee.  A hard copy of all papers filed with the Court, including those filed electronically, other than proofs of claim, must be submitted to the Clerk for transmittal to the United States Trustee.

(b)       Chambers Copy.  Unless the Court directs otherwise, a copy of all complaints, answers, motions, applications, objections, and responses to any of the foregoing filed with the Court, other than proofs of claim, must be marked “Chambers Copy” and delivered or mailed to the Clerk’s office located in the division in which the assigned Judge sits on the same day as the papers are filed with the Clerk or, if filed electronically, not later than the next day.


           The rule is derived from Former Local Bankruptcy Rule 9(d) and (e).  The next business day deadline in subdivision (b) of this rule was amended in 2009 to delete the reference to “business” so that the time period will be consistent with the 2009 amendments to Bankruptcy Rule 9006(a).

           Subdivision (b) was amended in 2013 to reduce the amount of paper submitted as chambers copies.  Unless the Court directs otherwise, only certain papers specified in the rule, rather than all papers, must be delivered to chambers under this rule.  Subdivision (b) of this rule was also amended to permit the mailing of chambers copies to the Court and to eliminate the requirement that papers must be delivered in unsealed envelopes.