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Rule 9004-1

FORM OF PAPERS – Amended [August 4, 2008]

  1. Papers Submitted for Filing. Papers submitted for filing shall


    1. be plainly typed or printed;


    2. not be bound or stapled;


    3. have no erasures or interlineations which materially deface them; and


    4. state on the face of the document:


      1. the name of the attorney for the filing party;


      2. the attorney's office and post office addresses; and


      3. the attorney's telephone number.


  2. Chambers copies and copies for the United States Trustee shall be bound or stapled and submitted in accordance with Local Bankruptcy Rule 9070-1.


     This rule is derived from Former Local Bankruptcy Rule 9(b) and is an adaptation of Civil Rule 11.1 of the Local District Rules.

     The general rules for form of papers are set forth in Bankruptcy Rule 9004 and Official Bankruptcy Forms B416A, B416B and B416D.

     This rule was amended in 2004 to conform to Civil Rule 11.1(b) of the Local District Rules to allow attorneys to use an identification number issued by the District Court instead of the last four digits of the attorney's social security number.

     This rule was also amended in 2004 to clarify that pleadings no longer require litigation backs or covers.

     This rule was amended in 2008 to conform to the repeal of Civil Rule 11.1(b) of the Local District Rules, which previously required that every pleading, written motion and other paper signed by an attorney include the attorney's initials and the last four digits of the attorney's social security number or any other four digit number registered by the attorney with the clerk of the court.