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Rule 1014-1

TRANSFER OF CASES – Amended August 1, 2013

            Unless the Court orders otherwise, whenever a case is ordered transferred from this district, the Clerk, promptly after entry of the order, shall effectuate the transfer of the case to the transferee court.


            This rule is derived from Former Local Bankruptcy Rule 7 and is an adaptation of Civil Rule 83.1 of the Local District Rules. Although not expressly stated, this rule contemplates that whenever transfer of a case under the Bankruptcy Code is ordered by a District Judge, the District Clerk will transmit the order and related documents to the Clerk of the Court.

            This rule was amended in 2013 to eliminate the need for the Clerk to transmit certified copies or originals of documents in the age of electronic transmission.  The District Court similarly amended Civil Rule 83.1 of the Local District Rules in recognition of the electronic filing of documents.