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Notice of Presentment (Poughkeepsie)

  • This court strongly encourages use of Notice of Presentment per Local Bankruptcy Rule 9074-1. The rule describes how to present an order, application, motion, objection, or proposed action to the court, including:
    • Application to confirm a sale pursuant to Local Bankruptcy Rule 6004-1
    • Motion to extend the time to assume or reject a lease pursuant to § 365(d)(4) of the Bankruptcy Code
    • Motion for entry of a default judgment in an adversary proceeding pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 7055 and Local Bankruptcy Rule 7055-2
    • Motion to extend the time to object to discharge or dischargeability pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 4004 or 4007
    • Application to avoid a judicial lien that impairs an exemption pursuant to § 522(f) of the Bankruptcy Code
    • Application for an examination pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 2004 to the extent that the application is not granted ex parte
    • Objection to a claim of exemption pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 4003(b)
    • Application to approve a loan modification under Local Bankruptcy Rule 9019
    • Request for postconfirmation order pursuant to Local Bankruptcy Rule 3021-1
    • Any other type of motion, application or objection as ordered by the Court in a particular case