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Telephonic Appearances Before Honorable Shelley C. Chapman Will Be Conducted Through CourtSolutions LLC Effective May 16, 2016

Release Date: 
April 27, 2016


Effective May 16, 2016, telephonic hearings before Honorable Shelley C. Chapman will be conducted through CourtSolutions LLC ("CourtSolutions").

All persons who wish to listen to or participate in a scheduled hearing telephonically must register for a CourtSolutions account by visiting the CourtSolutions website at Registered participants must submit a request to appear telephonically at a scheduled hearing through the CourtSolutions website. If the Court approves your request, you will receive an email from CourtSolutions with your approval and the dial-in information.

Calls should not be placed to Chambers with such requests.

As part of its service, CourtSolutions offers hearing participants access to a Hearing Dashboard which provides a visual representation of the participants on the call, real-time information about who is speaking, the ability to "raise your hand" to be recognized by the Court and means for the Court to control the conduct of the hearing.

To ensure the quality of the record, all calls must be made from quiet locations except in the most extreme emergencies.

CourtSolutions is an independent service provider. By using CourtSolutions’ services, users are entering into a service agreement with CourtSolutions pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth on the CourtSolutions’ website and shall be solely responsible for any costs or other expenses incurred for those services provided. The cost of each telephonic appearance is a flat fee of $70. If you do not appear for your hearing, you will not be charged. Under no circumstance shall the Court bear any costs for any telephonic appearance of any party or attorney.

The Court reserves the right, at any time, in its sole discretion to (a) reject any telephonic appearance as may be necessary for the administration of justice, (b) halt any telephonic appearance in progress on any matter and order the attorneys to personally appear at a later date and time, in which case no refund for use of CourtSolutions services shall be required, and (c) suspend any person’s ability to appear telephonically using CourtSolutions’ services or bar any telephonic appearance in any given case.

CourtSolutions is a service only and does not set or schedule hearings for the Court. All calendaring requests must be coordinated with Chambers.