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All documents in the Chrysler bankruptcy case

Release Date: 
April 30, 2010

All documents in the Chrysler bankruptcy case should be filed and viewed on

The lead case is: Old Carco LLC (f/k/a Chrysler LLC), 09-50002; parties filing documents (e.g., notices of appearance) should do so in the lead case only.

Additional case and claims filing information can be found on the Chrysler page.

09-50000 Chrysler Realty Company LLC
09-50001 Peapod Mobility LLC
09-50002 Old Carco LLC (f/k/a Chrysler LLC)
09-50003 Chrysler Aviation Inc.
09-50004 Chrysler Dutch Holding LLC
09-50005 Chrysler Dutch Investment LLC
09-50006 Chrysler Dutch Operating Group LLC
09-50007 Chrysler Institute of Engineering
09-50008 Chrysler International Corporation
09-50009 Chrysler International Limited, L.L.C.
09-50010 Chrysler International Services, S.A.
09-50011 Chrysler Motors LLC
09-50012 Chrysler Service Contracts Florida, Inc.
09-50013 Chrysler Service Contracts Inc.
09-50014 Chrysler Technologies Middle East Ltd.
09-50015 Chrysler Transport Inc.
09-50016 Chrysler Vans LLC
09-50017 DCC 929, Inc.
09-50018 Dealer Capital, Inc.
09-50019 Global Electric Motorcars, LLC
09-50020 NEV Mobile Service, LLC
09-50021 NEV Service, LLC
09-50022 TPF Asset, LLC
09-50023 TPF Note, LLC
09-50024 Utility Assets LLC