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Limited Users - Glossary of Events

Electronic filers with limited access to the ECF system will only be able file the following types of documents:

Acknowledgment of transfer FRBP 3001(e)1

Affidavit of Service

Certificate of Mailing of Claims Agent

Claims Register (Final)

Master Service List (For Claims Agent Use)

Monthly Fee Statement

Notice of Contract Change (Model Chapter 13 Plan)

Notice of Mortgage Payment Change (Rule 3002.1)

Notice of Outstanding Obligations (Model Chapter 13 Plan)

Notice of Postpetition Mortgage Fees, Expenses, and Charges (Rule 3002.1)

Notice, Certification of Publication

Notice, to Transferor

Proof of claim (with related exhibits)

Response to Notice of Final Cure Payment (Rule 3002.1)

Transfer Agreement FRBP 3001(e)1

Transfer Agreement FRBP 3001(e)1 Claims Agent or Scheduled Claim

Withdrawal of Claim