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Fourth Public NextGen Notification


The Next Generation CM/ECF (NextGen) system will launch in the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York on October 22, 2018. New functionality allows you to maintain one account across all courts (District, Appellate, and Bankruptcy) and to sign in using one log in and password for all courts where you have permission to file (each court must be upgraded to NextGen).  CM/ECF for New York Southern Bankruptcy Court will be unavailable for filing beginning October 19, 2018 at 8:30 AM thru October 22, 2018 at 8:30 AM.

Detailed information on Next Generation CM/ECF can be found on the court’s webpage at  Please click on the NextGen: Central Sign-On link.


Do you share a PACER account in your office?  You must have your own individual PACER account**, which will be linked to your CM/ECF filing account.  Shared PACER accounts cannot be used by filing attorneys once we have launched NextGen.  If you have an individual account STOP and go to “Upgrading” below.

If you do not have an individual account, step by step instructions can be found on our NextGen webpage. You can register for a PACER account at  Questions regarding individual PACER accounts should be directed to PACER at or by calling (800) 676‐6856.  Answers to frequently asked questions may be found at

Upgrading Individual accounts have to be UPGRADED to work with Next Gen*.  If you already have your own Individual PACER account but it was created prior to August 11, 2014, you must UPGRADE it*. Go here  Step by step instructions for upgrading can be found on our NextGen webpage.  If you obtained your PACER account after August 11, 2014 then your account is already upgraded.

At this point, wait for October 22 and then you will connect (link) the accounts.  Note, you must know your existing CM/ECF login/password for the linking process to work.  This is the account used for filing documents.  If it is stored in your browser, it will be lost and not recoverable except by the court.  If you don’t know your login/password prior to 10/22, go to the ECF login page and click on ‘Reset' and follow the instructions.  The login is generally the first initial and full last name.


You need to link your PACER account to our CM/ECF system.  When you first log‐in with your upgraded PACER log‐in you will see only a PACER menu.  You will link the accounts in the Utilities menu item.  Once again, step by step instructions for linking can be found on our Next Gen webpage.  Once completed, a refresh will give you the CM/ECF menus.  This is a one‐time process. Go to our Next Gen webpage for instructions on linking.  If you need help, email

*If you have already upgraded your PACER account to be used in another court’s NextGen implementation, then you do not need to upgrade your PACER account again.  You can start at LINKING to our Court on October 22, 2018.  You can verify your upgrade status at PACER.

**Firms may set up a PACER Administrative Account to help manage attorney accounts and have centrally billed PACER access fees. Complete information regarding PACER Administrative Accounts (PAAs) can be found here:  Click here to register for a PAA Account:

Please visit our NextGen webpage for more information.