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Rule 8009-1

RECORD ON APPEAL – Amended December 1, 2017

(a)       Furnishing and Transmitting Record on Appeal.  Except as provided in subdivision (b) of this rule, a party filing a designation of items to be included in a record on appeal must attach to the designation a copy of each designated item that does not appear on the Court docket and file it on the CM/ECF system.

(b)       Documents of Unusual Bulk or Weight and Physical Exhibits.  Documents of unusual bulk or weight and physical exhibits shall remain in the custody of the attorney producing them, who shall permit their inspection by any party for the purpose of preparing the record on appeal and who shall be charged with the responsibility for their safekeeping and transportation to the appellate court.


           This rule is derived from Former Local Bankruptcy Rule 8007-1 and was renumbered to conform to the 2014 amendments to Part VIII of the Bankruptcy Rules.

           In 2016, this comment was edited to clarify that any disputes relating to the content of the record on appeal shall be decided in accordance with Bankruptcy Rule 8009(e).

           In 2017, this rule was amended to clarify the procedure for furnishing and transmitting a record on appeal.  No substantive change is intended.