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Electronic Device Policy (White Plains)

Please be advised that laptop computers and other electronic and cellular devices are not allowed in the White Plains Courthouse. An attorney requiring electronic device(s) for use in connection with a hearing at the Courthouse must obtain approval from the Court prior to the day of the hearing. Effective immediately, please submit this form ( to be placed on the list of attorneys allowed to bring electronic devices to the Courthouse.

The names of attorneys identified on the addendum to the Order, created by this process, will be provided to the Court Security Officers. The attorneys must present a valid identification when entering the Courthouse. Their bringing of the equipment into the building constitutes a certification by them that the electronic device(s) lack (a) the capacity to make or record images or sounds or to send or receive wireless transmissions, and (b) one or more infrared ports or, alternatively, that any such capability or ports has been disabled and (c) that they need the device(s) to be used in connection with the hearing. They shall not use or permit the use of such equipment to make or record images or sounds or to send or receive wireless transmissions. They shall also comply in all respects with the following requirements.

  1. The term General Purpose Computing Device ("GPCD") as used in this Order is defined as set forth in the United States District Court's Local Civil Rule 1.8.
  2. GPCD screens and monitors are limited to one screen or monitor per GPCD and shall not obstruct vision or otherwise interfere with the proceedings.
  3. Printers, scanners other noise−emitting devices shall not be connected to authorized GPCDs while GPCDs are in a courtroom.
  4. No GPCD shall be connected to the Court's computer network or any device connected thereto. No GPCD that is connected to a court reporter's device for the purpose of receiving a real−time feed may be networked with any other GPCD or Personal Electronic Device.

Attorneys must use this utility for each hearing date for which they wish to bring electronic devices to the White Plains Courthouse. Attorneys have until 4:00 PM  the day before the hearing to be placed on the list.