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Telephonic Appearance

  • Unless the Court provides otherwise, parties wishing to participate in a hearing telephonically must register with the telephonic provider.  Attorneys seeking to participate must be admitted to the Court or admitted pro hac vice. (See Local Rule 2090-1).

  • Information on how to register with providers can be found here.  (See each Judge's Chamber's Rules to verify which telephonic provider will be used.)

  • Parties that wish to listen in on a hearing are not required to receive consent from Chambers prior to registering, nor to be admitted to the court or to be admitted pro hac vice.  

  • Parties that wish to make a telephonic appearance in order to speak or make argument are required to receive permission from Chambers prior to registering. Such live telephonic appearances are normally discouraged where counsel intends to make substantive argument. Parties seeking permission to participate telephonically must call Chambers at least two business days prior to the hearing, and should be prepared to provide the following information:  Name of party that the attorney is representing, the motion on which the attorney intends to argue, and the reason that a telephonic appearance is necessary. 

  • Counsel and pro se parties are not permitted to participate telephonically for any hearings of an evidentiary nature, including the examination of witnesses or the submission of evidence.