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Telephonic Appearances (White Plains)

Parties wishing to participate in hearings telephonically via Court Solutions must submit a request to appear telephonically to Chambers via e-mail at The e-mail request must contain the following in order to be functioned upon:
  • Date and time of hearing,
  • Case name and number,
  • Appearing party's name and, if applicable, their client's name,
  • Client's role in the case (i.e., creditor, party in interest, movant, opposing party, etc.), whether such party filed pleadings with respect to the subject hearing, and whether the party intends to present evidence telephonically,
  • Whether such appearing party wishes to utilize an active line (i.e., participate in the hearing) or a listen-only line.
  • Generally, counsel and pro se parties are not permitted to participate "live" telephonically in any hearings if they intend to submit or question evidence, including the examination of witnesses, without prior approval from the Court.
  • Once approved, parties may register with Court Solutions here.