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Telephonic Appearances (White Plains)

Those parties wishing to participate in hearings telephonically must submit a request to appear telephonically to Chambers via e-mail at The e-mail request must contain the following in order to be functioned upon:

  • Date and time of hearing,
  • Case name and number,
  • Appearing party's name and, if applicable, their client's name,
  • Client's role in the case (i.e. a creditor, party in interest, movant, opposing party, etc.), whether such party filed pleadings with respect to the subject hearing, and whether the party intends to present evidence telephonically,
  • Whether such appearing party wishes to utilize an active line (i.e. participate in the hearing) or a listen-only line.
  • Beginning August 30, 2018, parties who wish to "listen only" to a hearing telephonically may do so without requesting permission from Chambers by registering with CourtSolutions at
  • Beginning August 30, 2018, parties who wish to participate in a hearing telephonically on a "live" line must submit a dial-in request with CourtSolutions at If the Court approves such request, the party will receive an email from CourtSolutions with approval and dial-in information. Parties should not contact Chambers directly to arrange a telephonic appearance.
  • Generally, counsel and pro se parties are not permitted to participate "live" telephonically in any hearings if they intend to submit or question evidence, including the examination of witnesses.