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Telephonic Appearances (Poughkeepsie)

Telephonic appearances at court hearings are permitted in certain circumstances. Parties may appear telephonically to listen to the proceedings or to make limited argument. Lengthy argument is NOT allowed. The party wishing to appear telephonically must obtain consent to appear via telephone from all necessary parties prior to contacting Chambers for approval at least 24 hours before the hearing. Once approval is granted, the party MUST set up the telephonic appearance at least TWO HOURS BEFORE the hearing is scheduled.

Each time the party speaks, he or she must identify himself or herself for the record. If an individual schedules a telephonic appearance and then fails to respond to the calendar call, the court may pass the matter or may treat the failure to respond as a failure to appear. Individuals who appear telephonically are cautioned that they do so at their own risk.

Under no circumstances may any participant record or broadcast the proceedings conducted in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.

Those parties wishing to participate in hearings telephonically must submit a request to appear telephonically to Frances Fredericks via e-mail at Such request must be submitted no later than 3:30 p.m. Friday preceding the calendar. The e-mail request must contain the following in order to be functioned upon:

  1. Date and time of hearing,
  2. Case name and number,
  3. Appearing party's name and, if applicable, their client's name,
  4. Client's role in the case (i.e. a creditor, party in interest, movant, opposing party, etc.), whether such party filed pleadings with respect to the subject hearing, and whether the party intends to present evidence telephonically,
  5. Whether such appearing party wishes to utilize an active line (i.e. participate in the hearing) or a listen-only line.
  6. Indicate that the request is consented to by all parties.

Upon approval of the request to appear telephonically, parties are directed to contact CourtCall at 310-342-0888 within 24hrs prior to the hearing date to register. CourtCall will not grant registration to any party that has not obtained prior authorization from Chambers.