Rule 8005-1


  1. A supersedeas bond, where the judgment is for a sum of money only, shall be in the amount of the judgment plus 11% to cover interest and such damages for delay as may be awarded, plus $250 to cover costs.


  2. When the stay may be effected as of right solely by the giving of the supersedeas bond, but the judgment or order is not solely for a sum of money, the Court, on notice, shall fix the amount of the bond. In all other cases, the Court may, on notice, grant a stay on such terms as to security and otherwise as it may deem proper.


  3. On approval, a supersedeas bond shall be filed with the Clerk, and a copy thereof, with notice of filing, promptly served on all parties affected thereby. If the appellee raises objections to the form of the bond or to the sufficiency of the surety, the Court shall hold a hearing on notice to all parties.



     This rule is derived from Former Local Bankruptcy Rule 30 and is an adaptation of Civil Rule 41 of the Former District Rules.