Procedural Guidelines and Policies

Procedures for Filing Creditors’ List (Local Rule 1007-1)

Amended Guidelines for Fees and Disbursements for Professionals in Southern District of New York Bankruptcy Cases (Local Rule 2016-1(a))

Procedures for Monthly Compensation and Reimbursement of Expenses of Professionals (Local Rule 2016-1(c))

Procedural Guidelines for Filing Requests for Orders to Set the Last Date for Filing Proofs of Claim (Local Rule 3003-1)

Procedural Guidelines for Prepackaged Chapter 11 Cases (Local Rule 3018-2)

Guidelines for Filing a Reaffirmation Agreement in the Southern District of New York (Local Rule 4008-1)

Procedures for the Filing, Signing, and Verification of Documents by Electronic Means (Local Rule 5005-2 and Local Rule 9011-1)

Instructions for Filing a Motion to Withdraw the Reference (Local Rule 5011-1)

Protocol for the Employment of Claims And Noticing Agents under 28 U.S.C. §156(c) (Local Rule 5075-1)

Guidelines for the Conduct of Asset Sales (Local Rule 6004-1)

Procedures Governing Mediation of Matters and the Use of Early Neutral Evaluation and Mediation/Voluntary Arbitration in Bankruptcy Cases and Adversary Proceedings (Local Rule 9019-1)

Loss Mitigation Program Procedures and Forms (Local Rule 9019-2)

Claims Transfers: New Claims Transfer Fee

Claims Transfers: Importance of Compliance with F.R.B.P. 3001(e)

Privacy Guidelines (Restriction of Public Access to Documents)

Appeals Guidelines

Policy regarding the need to provide copies of documents comprising the record on appeal