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Modifications to CM/ECF Events That Took Effect on December 1, 2017

Release Date: 
March 22, 2018

As previously announced, a revised Chapter 13 Plan became effective on December 1, 2017.  Guidelines for filing the mandatory Chapter 13 Plan are available on the court’s website.  

In addition, the below changes were made to CM/ECF to reflect changes made to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedures (FRBP) that became effective December 1, 2017


Proof of Claim Attachment 3001(c)(1) and (d):
This event was added to allow creditors to file supplemental attachments to a previously filed proof of claim per F.R.B.P. 3002(c)(7).  The event will allow creditors to link the attachment to the claim and will appear on both the docket report and the claims register.  A document number is not assigned.   (Bankruptcy --> Claim Actions --> Proof of Claim Attachment 3001(c)(1) and (d) or Bankruptcy --> Creditor Claim Actions --> Proof of Claim Attachment 3001(c)(1) and (d))


Motion, Declaring Lien Satisfied (Rule 5009):
Under F.R.B.P. 5009(d), debtors may seek an order declaring that the secured claim(s) have been satisfied and the lien has been released under terms of the confirmed plan. The request must be made by motion and filed using this event.  (Bankruptcy --> Motions/Applications --> Motion, Declaring Lien Satisfied (Rule 5009))


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