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Judge Allan L. Gropper

Memorandum Decision signed on 5/23/2014 concerning Trustee's motion for partial summary judgment as to date of transfer and reasonably equivalent value (related document(s)26).

Memorandum of Decision and Order signed on 5/20/2014 denying motion by Mount Calvary to dismiss (related document(s)26).

Judge Stuart M. Bernstein

Memorandum Decision and Order signed on 5/23/2014, Regarding Cross-Motions for Summary Judgment (related document(s)19, 28).

Judge Sean H. Lane

Memorandum Of Decision Signed On 5/20/2014, Regarding Claim Number 45. (related document(s)1050)

Memorandum Opinion Signed On 5/16/2014, Granting Debtors' Motion For Entry Of An Order (A) Authorizing The Assumption Of The Restructuring Support Agreement; (B) Approving Payment Of The Termination Fee; And (C) Granting Related Relief. (related document(s)13, 47, 155)

Memorandum Opinion And Order Granting Plaintiff's Renewed Motion For Summary Judgment Signed On 5/12/2014. (related document(s)9)

Judge Martin Glenn

Memorandum Opinion and Order, signed on 5/14/2014, Granting in Part and Denying in Part TX Onshore's Motion to Dismiss. (related document(s)15, 12, 13, 9)

Memorandum Opinion and Order, signed on 5/2/2014, Denying Motion to Reargue. (related document(s)28, 21, 16)

Chief Judge Cecelia G. Morris

Memorandum Decision Denying Confirmation of Debtors Chapter 11 Plan signed on 5/9/2014.

Judge Robert E. Gerber