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Judge Stuart M. Bernstein

So Ordered Written Opinion Signed On 1/16/2014. Re: Memorandum Decision And Order Denying Various Forms Of Relief Requested By James D. Schneller (related document(s)922, 880)

Memorandum Decision Denying Motions for Partial Summary Judgment signed on 1/2/2014 (related document(s)96)

Written Opinion Signed On 12/16/2013. Re: Memorandum Decision Denying Motion For Relief Based On Violation Of The Automatic Stay (related document(s)368, 372, 352, 362)

Judge Robert E. Gerber

Decision and Order on Motions to Dismiss Signed on 1/14/2014.

Judge Martin Glenn

Memorandum Opinion and Order, signed on 1/7/2014, Granting in Part and Denying in Part Motion to Quash Subpeonas. (related document(s)135, 161, 136)

Memorandum Opinion and Order, signed on 12/20/2013, Granting Kopf's Motion To Dismiss Third Party Complaint. (related document(s)17, 25, 27)

Memorandum Opinion and Order, signed on 12/19/2013, Denying Phillip Scott's Motion to (I) Determine That Bankruptcy Estate Owns Title to Note, (2) Void State Court Title Transfer, and (3) Enjoin Post Petition State Court Prosecution. (related document(s)4649)

Judge James M. Peck

Memorandum Decision Signed on 12/19/2013 Granting Michigan State Housing Development Authority's Partial Motion for Summary Judgment. (related document(s)31)

Memorandum Decision Signed on 12/19/2013 Granting Motion to Dismiss and Determining that Contract Claims is Non-Core. (related document(s)7)

Judge Allan L. Gropper