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Judge Robert E. Gerber

Decision signed on 11/9/2015 on imputation, punitive damages, and other no-strike and no-dismissal pleadings issues.

Order on Bench Decision and Order on Request for Stay Signed on 10/27/2015. (related document(s)13510, 13503)

Errata Order Signed on 10/20/2015 Regarding Decision and Order on Bledsoe Plaintiffs' Reargument and Other Post-Judgment Motions Signed on 7/22/2015. (related document(s)13313)

Judge Martin Glenn

Memorandum Opinion signed on 11/6/2015 Overruling Disclosure Statement and Confirmation Objections. (related document(s)61, 62, 36)

Memorandum Opinion and Order signed on 11/3/2015 Sustaining the ResCap Borrower Claims Trust's Objection to Claim No. 3503 Filed by Mohammed K. Ghods and Heidi M. Ghods.

Memorandum Opinion signed on 10/28/2015 Granting Recognition of Foreign Main Proceeding. (related document(s)32)

Memorandum Opinion and Order, signed on 10/22/2015, Denying Discharge of Plaintiff's State Court Judgment Against the Debtor.

Judge Michael E. Wiles

Opinion signed on 10/27/2015 denying motion to dismiss (related document(s)6).

Judge Stuart M. Bernstein

Written Opinion Signed On 10/19/2015. Re: Decision Disallowing And Expunging Proofs Of Claim Nos. 2331, 2332, And 2878 (related document(s)2031, 2030, 2029)

Judge Sean H. Lane

Memorandum of Decision signed on 10/16/2015.