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The Southern District of New York offers a database of opinions for the years 2005 to the present, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

Judge Shelley C. Chapman

Memorandum Decision and Order Sustaining Plan Administrator's Objection to Claim Number 29606 Filed by SRM Global Master Fund Limited Partnership signed on 5/30/2019 (related document(s)53215).

Judge James L. Garrity Jr.

Memorandum Decision and Order signed on 6/3/2019 Denying Motion for 2004 Examination. (related document(s)8)

Judge Martin Glenn

Memorandum Opinion and Order, Signed on 5/31/2019, Granting Plaintiff's Renewed Motion for Entry of Default Judgment. (related document(s)64, 69)

Memorandum Opinion and Order, Signed on 5/28/2019, Denying Motion to Permit Filing of Late Claim. (related document(s)14417, 14399, 14418)

Memorandum Opinion and Order, Signed on 5/10/2019, Granting Trustee's Motion for Approval of Stipulation to Reduce the Claim of Urban Compass and Denying Debtor's Motion to Expunge the Same Claim. (related document(s)157, 167, 158, 162, 160, 149)

Memorandum Opinion and Order, Signed on 5/10/2019, Denying Motion to Extend Time to Object to Discharge. (related document(s)54, 78)

Memorandum Opinion Signed on 5/9/2019 Recognizing Foreign Debtors' Foreign Main and Foreign Nonmain Proceeding. (related document(s)59, 3)

Judge Sean H. Lane

Corrected Modified Bench Decision Signed On 5/30/2019, Denying Motion For Summary Judgment. (related document(s)50)

Judge Michael E. Wiles

Memorandum Opinion After Trial signed on 5/30/2019.

Decision signed on 5/15/2019 regarding objections to confirmation of Debtors' proposed plan of liquidation (related document(s)194, 181, 195).