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Judge Morris Opinions

In Re: 05-17930-alg Northwest Airlines Corporation and Northwest Airlines Corporation, et al. 2009-02-06

Written Opinion signed on 2/6/2009, following remand, considering request for a completion fee pursuant to 11 U.S.C. Sec. 330(a). Concluded that an award of the Completion Fee by Lazard Freres & Co., LLC (ECF Doc. No. 7857) would exceed the level of reasonable compensation due to Lazard Freres & Co., LLC under the circumstances of this case, in view of the role that Lazard Freres & Co., LLC played in the Debtor's reorganization. Accordingly, Lazard Freres & Co., LLC Completion Fee Request is denied.

In Re: 08-35230-cgm Jesse A. Tompkins and Sonja I. Tompkins 2008-08-13

Memorandum Decision and Order Expunging Claim of Americredit Financial Services, Inc. and Overruling Objection to Confirmation of Chapter 13 Plan signed on 8/13/2008.

In Re: 08-36229-cgm Sophia Lynette Williams 2008-07-14

Memorandum Decision Extending Automatic Stay in the Debtor's Current Bankruptcy Case signed on 7/14/2008.

In Re: 07-36853-cgm Judith Anne Crawford 2008-06-05

Memorandum Decision signed on 6/5/2008 on order directing secured creditor and foreclosure referee to appear and show cause why they should not be liable for violation of the automatic stay and why post-petition foreclosure sale should not be vacated(related document(s)[13]).

In Re: 07-35608-cgm Christopher W Schuessler and Bobbi Ann Schuessler 2008-04-10

Memorandum Decision Following Evidentiary Hearing On Order Directing Chase Home Finance, LLC To Show Cause Why It Should Not be Sanctioned Pursuant to Rule 9011 Of The Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure And 11 U.S.C. Sec. 105(a) signed on 4/10/2008.