Judge Lifland Opinions

In Re: 03-11540-brl Spiegel, Inc. 2007-01-23

Written Opinion/Memorandum Decision signed on 1/23/2007 Enforcing the Plan Injunction and Granting Related Relief (related document(s)[4618]).

In Re: 05-02215-brl Joseph Myers, Unsecured Trust Administrator of Cro v. Jason Ellsworth et al 2007-01-11

Written Opinion/Memorandum Decision and Order signed on 1/11/2007 Denying Defendants' Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings (related document(s)[11]).

In Re: 01-02606-brl Gredd v. Bear, Stearns Securities Corp. 2007-01-09

Written Opinion/Memorandum Decision signed on 1/9/2007 Denying Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment to Dismiss and Granting Trustee's Motion for Summary Judgment (related document(s)[94]).

In Re: 06-01757-brl Rosetta Resources Operating LP et al v. Pogo Producing Company 2007-01-04

Written Opinion/Memorandum Decision signed on 1/3/2007 Denying Pogo Production Company's Motion to Dismiss and Request for Abstention (related document(s)[7], [13]).

In Re: 06-10354-brl Dana Corporation 2006-11-30

Written Opinion/Memorandum Opinion signed on 11/30/2006 Approving, in Part, Debtors' Motion for Authorization to Assume Employment Agreements for Approval of a Long Term Incentive Plan and Related Relief (related document(s)[3530], [4016]).