Judge Gropper Opinions

In Re: 12-13641-alg Gerova Financial Group, Ltd. 2012-10-22

Memorandum of Opinion signed on 10/22/2012 granting the Liquidators' petition. The Bermuda Proceedings are recognized as foreign main proceedings (related document(s)7, 29).

In Re: 11-11363-alg Nathaniel Ajunwa and Regina Ajunwa 2012-09-04

So Ordered Memorandum of Decision signed on 9/4/2012 denying Hill's motion to dismiss chapter 7 case (related document(s)24).

In Re: 11-01298-alg CM Studio, Inc. et al v. Teckenbrock 2012-09-04

Post-Trial Memorandum of Opinion signed on 9/4/2012 directing Clerk to enter judgment on Plaintiffs' § 523(a)(4) claim in favor of the Defendant Jill Teckenbrock.

In Re: 12-01169-alg Harrison, Jr. v. Rabinovici et al 2012-09-04

Memorandum Decision signed on 9/4/2012 denying motion to dismiss adversary proceeding (related document(s)4).

In Re: 11-10253-alg DeWitt Rehabilitation and Nursing Center 2012-08-17

Memorandum of Decision and Order signed on 8/17/2012 disallowing and expunging the priority portion of proof of claim n. 149 of United Staffing Registry, Inc. (related document(s)351).