Judge Gropper Opinions

In Re: 05-01268-alg Nisselson et al v. Empyrean Investment Fund et al 2006-01-10

Memorandum of Opinion Signed on 1/10/2006 Re: Contempt, Consolidation, Joinder and Modification

In Re: 05-01407-alg Tower Automotive, Inc. v. Federal Insurance Company 2005-11-09

Opinion Signed on 11/9/2005 Granting Motion for Reargument and Adhering to Original Decision (related document(s)[25])

In Re: 05-17930-alg Northwest Airlines Corporation and Northwest Airlines Corporation, et al. 2005-11-09

(Opinion) Order Signed on 11/9/2005 Regarding Motion for an Order Enforcing the Automatic Stay (Mesaba)