Judge Gropper Opinions

In Re: 05-03188-alg The Bank of New York v. FLAG Telecom Group Limited et al 2007-07-18

Written Opinion Signed on 7/18/2007 Regarding Plaintiff Motion for Summary Judgment on its Fee Application (related document(s)[9])

In Re: 06-01181-alg Martini v. Unal 2007-07-16

Written Opinion Signed on 7/16/2007

In Re: 05-10578-alg Tower Automotive, Inc. 2007-06-29

Memorandum of Opinion Signed on 6/29/2007 Regarding Rodney A. Garfield

In Re: 05-03657-alg Actrade Liquidation Trust v. HLC Industries Inc. 2007-06-20

Written Opinion signed on 6/20/2007 Granting Plaintiff's Motion to strike jury demand and motion to dismiss claim against Emanuel Landau (related document(s)[45], [42]).

In Re: 06-12984-alg Granite Broadcasting Corporation 2007-05-18

Memorandum of Opinion Signed 5/18/2007 Regarding Confirmation of the Plan (related document(s)[286])