Judge Gropper Opinions

In Re: 09-01488-alg RTI Hamilton, Inc. v. Tronox, LLC 2010-05-14

(Written Opinion)Memorandum of Decision and Order Signed on 5/14/2010. Re: Motion to Amend Complaint (related document(s)[32])

In Re: 09-12751-alg Empire Equities Capital Corp. 2010-05-07

(Written Opinion) Memorandum of Decision and Order Signed on 5/6/2010 Regarding Motion to Dismiss and Motion for Summary Judgment.

In Re: 09-10156-alg Tronox Incorporated 2010-05-07

(Written Opinion) Order Signed on 5/6/2010 Denying Motion to Enlarge Time for Filing Proof of Claim. (related document(s)[1058])

In Re: 09-14557-alg Rock 49th Rest. Corp. 2010-04-07

Memorandum of Opinion signed on 4/7/2010. (related document(s)[56])

In Re: 09-01198-alg Tronox Incorporated et al v. Anadarko Petroleum Corporation et al 2010-03-31

(Written Opinion) Memorandum of Opinion Signed on 3/31/2010 Regarding Motion Filed by Anadarko Petroleum Corp. for an Order Dismissing Adversary Complaint. (related document(s)[45])