Judge Gropper Opinions

In Re: 07-01716-alg Shcherbakovskiy et al v. Malakhov 2011-04-28

(Written Opinion) Memorandum and Order Signed on 4/28/2011 Regarding Motion for Reconsideration (related document(s)[62])

In Re: 05-60099-alg 114 Tenth Avenue Assoc., Inc. 2011-03-25

Written Memorandum of Opinion Signed on 3/25/2011 Regarding Karen Nason Claim.

In Re: 10-02902-alg Atlas v. Chrysler, LLC et al 2011-03-01

(Written Opinion) Order Signed on 3/1/2011 Regarding Motion to Transfer or Reassign. (related document(s)[25], [26])

In Re: 10-04273-alg Moelis & Company LLC v. Wilmington Trust FSB 2011-02-25

(Written Opinion) Order Signed on 2/25/2011 Denying Motion to Remand, or in the Alternative, for Abstention. (related document(s)[4])

In Re: 10-13779-alg Jennifer Convertibles, Inc. 2011-02-04

Memorandum Decision signed on 2/4/2011 Allowing Assumption of Trademark Usage Agreements and Provisionally Confirming Joint Plan of Reorganization. (related document(s)[466], [362])