Judge Gropper Opinions

In Re: 14-11732-alg Daisy M Paulino 2014-10-20

Memorandum of Decision and Order signed on 10/20/2014 denying Memo's motion for relief from stay (related document(s)12).

In Re: 11-11784-alg Michael D Carlin 2014-10-07

Decision signed on 10/7/2014 denying Debtor's motion for a discharge of pre-petition tax debt to the IRS for the year 2008 (related document(s)47, 51).

In Re: 14-10943-alg Sonya Kuvish Summers 2014-09-16

Decision and Order signed on 9/16/2014 denying confirmation of Debtor's three year plan (related document(s)10).

In Re: 14-11055-alg SDNY 19 MAD PARK, LLC d/b/a SD26 Restaurant & Wine 2014-09-11

Memorandum opinion and order signed on 9/11/2014 denying motion to extend automatic stay to third-party. (related document(s)46)

In Re: 13-40003-alg Marcia Campbell 2014-07-29

Decision signed on 7/29/2014 RE: objections to claims 7 and 8 (related document(s)33, 34).