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Judge Glenn Opinions

In Re: 11-02790-mg MF Global Inc. 2012-04-24

Memorandum Opinion signed on 4/24/2012 Approving Stipulation and Resolving Objections Relating to Release of Claims from Futures Customers and Granting SIPA Trustee's Motion to Approve First Interim Distribution for Allowed Commodity Futures Claims. (related document(s)1086)

In Re: 11-15059-mg MF Global Holdings Ltd. 2012-04-10

Memorandum opinion signed on 4/10/2012 lifting automatic stay to permit payments of defense cost under certain insurance policies. (related document(s)409, 419, 586, 519, 573, 428, 516, 503, 416, 489, 417, 505, 589, 518, 477, 422, 574, 482)

In Re: 11-01284-mg O'Toole v. McTaggart et al 2012-04-09

Order signed on 4/9/2012 denying plaintiff's motion to modify order. (Related Doc # 146)

In Re: 11-02790-mg MF Global Inc. 2012-04-06

Memorandum Opinion signed on 4/6/2012 granting trustee's motion to approve section 363 purchase agreement in furtherance of court-ordered bulk transfers.(related document(s)1046)

In Re: 12-10685-mg Grubb & Ellis Company 2012-03-27

Written Opinion signed on 3/27/2012 Approving the Sale of Substantially all of the Debtor's Assets. (related document(s)763, 779, 12)