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Judge Glenn Opinions

In Re: 17-01137-mg Kravitz v. Deacons 2018-06-29

Memorandum Opinion, signed on 6/29/2018, Granting Motions for Default Judgments. (related document(s)11, 12)

In Re: 18-01011-mg Pereira v. Frenkel Benefits, LLC et al 2018-06-26

Memorandum Opinion and Order, Signed on 6/26/2018, Granting Frenkel Benefits, LLC's Motion To Dismiss The Eleventh Claim for Relief for Unjust Enrichment. (related document(s)8, 16)

In Re: 12-12020-mg Residential Capital, LLC 2018-06-22

Memorandum Opinion and Order, Signed on 6/22/2018, Denying Motion for Leave to File Late Proof of Claim and to Allow Claimant to Continue to Litigate. (related document(s)10520, 10451)

In Re: 18-10229-mg Miguel Garcia 2018-05-08

Memorandum Opinion and Order, Signed on 5/8/2018, Denying Motion to Lift the Automatic Stay With Respect to Property Located at 633 West 185th Street, New York, NY. (related document(s)14, 13, 9)

In Re: 09-50026-mg Motors Liquidation Company and Ignition Switch Pre-Closing Accident Plaintiffs Re 2018-05-04

Memorandum Opinion and Order, Signed on 5/4/2018, Enforcing Provisions of Sale Order With Respect to the Moore, Et Al. Plaintiffs. (related document(s)14242, 14251, 14241, 14254)