Judge Gerber Opinions

In Re: 09-10023-reg Lyondell Chemical Company 2009-04-10

Written Opinion: Decision and Order signed on 4/10/2009 on Motion of Bank of New York Mellon For Reargument of Court's Determination That The Arco And Equistar Noteholders Are Adequately Protected. (related document(s)[1249])

In Re: 09-10023-reg Lyondell Chemical Company 2009-03-18

Bench Decision on Motion to Enforce the Automatic Stay and Relief from the Automatic Stay signed on 3/18/2009. (related document(s)[412])

In Re: 09-01038-reg Lyondell Chemical Company, et al. v. Centerpoint Energy Gas Services Inc. et al 2009-02-26

Bench Decision on Motion for Preliminary Injunction signed on 2/26/2009. (related document(s)[3])

In Re: 03-06559-reg Buchwald v. The Renco Group, Inc. et al 2009-01-16

Decision and Order on Defendants' Motions to Dismiss signed on 1/16/2009.

In Re: 01-11004-reg River Center Holdings LLC 2008-10-03

Decision and Order on Motion to Enforce Settlement Agreement and Debtor Principal Promises, and Cross-Motion to Charge Secured Lenders' Collateral signed on 10/3/2008. (related document(s)[418])