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Judge Gerber Opinions

In Re: 11-02912-reg Geron v. Peebler 2013-03-25

Decision signed on 3/25/2013 on Motion for Summary Judgment. The Trustee is to Settle, on no Less Than Two Business Days Notice by Hand, Fax or E-Mail (or 14 Day's Notice if the Trustee Elects to Use Traditional Mail), Two Documents:(1) An Order Granting Summary Judgment in the Trustees Favor, and (2) A Standalone Judgment for the Amount Due, Including Prepetition and Postpetition Interest Claimed, but not Including the Trustees Attorneys Fees in Attempting to Recover on the Note. (related document(s)12)

In Re: 12-09803-reg Trusky et al v. General Motors Company et al 2013-02-19

Bench Decision and Order on Motion to Dismiss Trusky Plaintiffs Class Action signed on 2/19/2013. (related document(s)12)

In Re: 12-11343-reg Pinnacle Airlines Corp. 2012-11-16

Decision On Debtors Motion, Pursuant To Bankruptcy Code Section 1113, To Reject Collective Bargaining Agreement With Air Line Pilots Association signed on 11/16/2012. (related document(s)611)

In Re: 09-50026-reg Motors Liquidation Company 2012-10-16

Decision On Valuation Methodology For TPC Lenders Collateral signed on 10/16/2012. (related document(s) 8616 )