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Judge Drain Opinions

In Re: 87-20142-ash Texaco, Inc. 2010-08-03

Written Opinion: Order signed on 8/3/2010 Granting Motion of Texaco Inc. for Order (i) Reopening Texaco's Chapter 11 Case, (ii) Enforcing Confirmation Order Dated March 23, 1988, (iii) Finding Respondents in Civil Contempt of 11 U.S.C. §524(a)(2) and Confirmation Order, and (iv) Directing Respondents to Dismiss Their Discharged Claims Against Texaco Inc. in the Louisiana Actions (related document(s) 3837 ).

In Re: 08-01215-rdd Retired Partners of Coudert Brothers Trust v. Deltour et al 2010-07-14

Order signed on 7/14/2010 Granting Motions to Dismiss and Dismissing Second Amended Complaint (Related Doc # 43 ), (Related Doc # 49 ), (Related Doc # 53 ), (Related Doc # 46,47,20,19,18).

In Re: 07-01717-rdd Silverman v. Central Equities Credit Corp. et al 2010-05-07

Written Opinion and Memorandum of Decision signed on 5/7/2010. RE: Central Equities Credit Corp.'s Postpetition Interest Claim.

In Re: 05-44481-rdd DPH Holdings Corp., et al. 2010-04-15

Order signed on 4/14/2010 Disallowing and Expunging Proofs of Claim Filed by the IAM, the IBEW, and the IUOE.

In Re: 06-22306-rdd Bayou Group, LLC 2010-04-05

Written Opinion: Memorandum of Decision signed on 4/5/2010 on Motion of Unofficial Creditors Committee of the Bayou OnShore Funds Re: Administrative Expenses (related document(s)[1166]).