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Judge Bernstein Opinions

In Re: 16-10992-smb SunEdison, Inc., et al., 2016-10-19

Written Opinion So Ordered Signed On 10/19/2016. Re: Memorandum Decision And Order Denying Motions Submitted By Stephen Miller (related document(s)1433, 1294, 1216, 1301, 1266, 1325, 1359, 1337)

In Re: 10-05421-smb Irving H. Picard, Trustee for the Liquidation of B v. FRANK J. AVELLINO, individually, and as Trustee fo 2016-10-18

So Ordered Written Opinion Signed On 10/18/2016. Re: Memorandum Decision And Order Denying Motion To Reargue (related document(s)125)

In Re: 08-01789-smb Securities Investor Protection Corporation v. Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, LLC. et a 2016-09-28

Written Opinion Signed On 9/28/2016. Re: Memorandum Decision Granting In Part And Denying In Part Trustees Motion For Leave To Amend Complaint (10-4283)

In Re: 08-13153-smb Ridgemour Meyer Properties, LLC, A Limited Liabili 2016-09-27

Written Opinion So Ordered Signed On 9/27/2016. Re: Memorandum Decision And Order DenyingMotion To Direct Payment Of Claim (related document(s)302)

In Re: 16-11090-smb AOG Entertainment, Inc. 2016-09-16

Written Opinion Signed On 9/16/2016. Re: Memorandum Decision Denying Simon Robert Fullers Motion To Extend The Challenge Deadline And Ex Parte Application For Authority To Conduct A Rule 2004 Examination (related document(s)286)