Judge Bernstein Opinions

In Re: 05-01604-smb General Vison Services, Inc. v. CADWALADER, WICKERSHAM & TAFT 2005-12-28

Written Opinion Granting Motion to Dismiss Claim for Affirmative Relief signed on 12/28/2005.

In Re: 05-02414-smb Penthouse Media Group, Inc. v. Robert C. Guccione 2005-12-27

Written Opinion and Order Granting Motion to Dismiss Complaint signed on 12/27/2005.

In Re: 04-16410-smb Kollel Mateh Efraim, LLC 2005-12-15

Written Opinion and Order Denying Motion for Summary Judgment signed on 12/15/2005. (related document(s)[44])

In Re: 01-15472-smb Best Payphones, Inc. 2005-11-29

Opinion and Order Regarding Motion for Discretionary Abstention signed on 11/29/2005 (related document(s)[223])

In Re: 02-15749-smb Asia Global Crossing Ltd. 2005-11-10

Written Opinion signed on 11/9/2005 Granting Limited Reargument, But Upon Reargument, Adhering to the Original Decision (related document(s)[642]).