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Case Number Case Title File Name Date
12-12020-mg In RE: Residential Capital, LLC 228358_9865_opinion.pdf 04/26/2016
15-01409-mg In RE: Black Diamond Commerical Finance, L.L.C. v. Virginia Conservation Legacy Fund, Inc. et al 262715_33_opinion.pdf 04/25/2016
10-04311-smb In RE: Irving H. Picard, Trustee for the Liquidation of B v. Cohen 206231_90_opinion.pdf 04/25/2016
08-01789-smb In RE: Securities Investor Protection Corporation v. Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, LLC. et a 174497_13161_opinion.pdf 04/25/2016
15-11835-scc In RE: Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation 259480_1020_opinion.pdf 04/21/2016
13-10176-jlg In RE: Atari, Inc., et al. 235852_607_opinion.pdf 04/20/2016
12-12020-mg In RE: Residential Capital, LLC 228358_9850_opinion.pdf 04/20/2016
15-36323-cgm In RE: Cassandra N. Edwards 259618_39_opinion.pdf 04/15/2016
09-50026-mg In RE: Motors Liquidation Company and William D. Pilgrim, et al. 233396_13618_opinion.pdf 04/15/2016
11-15463-shl In RE: AMR Corporation 222340_12717_opinion.pdf 04/14/2016
13-01098-shl In RE: Trilliant Funding, Inc., as Plan Administrator of v. Marengere 235544_27_opinion.pdf 04/14/2016
16-10429-shl In RE: Republic Airways Holdings Inc. 264433_323_opinion.pdf 04/08/2016
09-15629-jlg In RE: PBS Foods, LLC d/b/a Payard Patisserie & Bistro 185572_74_opinion.pdf 04/08/2016
15-09028-cgm In RE: Romano v. Romano 262109_21_opinion.pdf 04/08/2016
14-10532-cgm In RE: Steven J. Ancona 247685_194_opinion.pdf 04/06/2016
13-08212-shl In RE: O'Hearn et al v. Gormally 237685_32_opinion.pdf 04/05/2016
15-11835-scc In RE: Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation 259480_923_opinion.pdf 03/31/2016
14-01848-mg In RE: Andrew Lawrence Hosking and Bruce Mackay, in their v. TPG CAPITALMANAGEMENT, L.P., f/k/a TPG CAPITAL, L. 247900_297_opinion.pdf 03/31/2016
13-14050-mg In RE: LHI Liquidation Co. Inc. 245226_1055_opinion.pdf 03/30/2016
12-12020-mg In RE: Residential Capital, LLC 228358_9790_opinion.pdf 03/28/2016
12-12020-mg In RE: Residential Capital, LLC 228358_9783_opinion.pdf 03/25/2016
04-15739-smb In RE: Quigley Company, Inc. 110160_2892_opinion.pdf 03/18/2016
11-02251-jlg In RE: Nisselson v. Salim et al 216225_71_opinion.pdf 03/17/2016
11-15463-shl In RE: AMR Corporation 222340_12704_opinion.pdf 03/17/2016
14-02235-smb In RE: Stillwater Liquidating LLC v. Gray 252767_40_opinion.pdf 03/15/2016