Mega Cases

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York is currently hearing 82 MEGA cases

Date FiledCase Number TitleClaims Agent
03/12/2015 15-10578-mewChassix Holdings, Inc., et al.,
09/15/2014 14-12611-sccNII Holdings, Inc. and NII International Holdings S.a.r.l.Prime Clerk LLC
08/06/2014 14-12303-shlEagle Bulk Shipping Inc.Kurtzman Carson Consultants, LLC
06/23/2014 14-22885-rddNautilus Holdings LimitedEpiq Bankruptcy Solutions, LLC
04/21/2014 14-11108-shlGenco Shipping & Trading LimitedGCG, Inc.
04/13/2014 14-22503-rddMPM Silicones, LLC, et al.,Kurtzman Carson Consultants, LLC
03/20/2014 14-10701-jlgLegend Parent, Inc.Prime Clerk LLC
03/10/2014 14-10557-mgSbarro LLCPrime Clerk LLC
02/21/2014 14-10383-smbSuntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd.
12/17/2013 13-37725-cgmSt. Francis' Hospital, Poughkeepsie, New YorkBMC Group, Inc.
12/15/2013 13-14050-mgLHI Liquidation Co. Inc.Epiq Bankruptcy Solutions, LLC
11/04/2013 13-13591-shlMetro Affiliates, Inc.Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
06/20/2013 13-12046-sccSTX PAN OCEAN CO. LTD
05/29/2013 13-22840-rddSound Shore Medical Center of WestchesterGCG, Inc.
03/25/2013 13-10888-shlChartis Excess Limited
03/08/2013 13-10687-smbRapid-American CorporationLogan & Company, Inc.
10/19/2012 12-14300-mewHMX Acquisition Corp. and KCP Advisory GroupEpiq Bankruptcy Solutions, LLC
05/28/2012 12-12321-mgDewey & LeBoeuf LLP and The Liquidating Trustee of The Dewey & LeBoeuf LiqEpiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
05/14/2012 12-12020-mgResidential Capital, LLCKurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
05/14/2012 12-12080-sccLightSquared Inc.Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
05/03/2012 12-11873-smbHawker Beechcraft, Inc.Epiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
04/02/2012 12-11384-mgVelo Holdings Inc.Epiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
04/01/2012 12-11343-regPinnacle Airlines Corp.Epiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
03/19/2012 12-11076-shlArcapita Bank B.S.C.(C), et al.GCG, Inc.
02/20/2012 12-10685-mgGrubb & Ellis CompanyKurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
01/19/2012 12-10202-mewEastman Kodak CompanyKurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
01/11/2012 12-22052-rddOld HB, Inc. (f/k/a Hostess Brands, Inc.), et al.Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
11/29/2011 11-15463-shlAMR CorporationGCG, Inc.
11/17/2011 11-15285-mgGeneral Maritime Corporation and General Maritime CorporationGCG, Inc.
11/07/2011 11-38111-cgmDynegy Holdings, LLC and Dynegy Northeast Generation, Inc.Epiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
11/01/2011 11-02790-mgMF Global Inc.Epiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
10/31/2011 11-15059-mgMF Global Holdings Ltd.GCG, Inc.
09/07/2011 11-14220-mewAGH Liquidating, LLC et al. and Ronald J. FriedmanKurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
02/16/2011 11-10612-shlTerreStar CorporationGCG, Inc.
02/16/2011 11-10614-mgBorders Group, Inc.GCG, Inc.
02/01/2011 11-10372-shlMSR Resort Golf Course LLC and MS Resorts Liquidating Trustee, LLC as LiquidatingKurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
12/12/2010 10-24549-rddThe Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Inc.Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
10/19/2010 10-15446-shlTerreStar Networks Inc.GCG, Inc.
09/23/2010 10-14997-cgmBB Liquidating Inc.Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
08/31/2010 10-14653-sccGSC Group, Inc.Epiq Bankruptcy Solutions, LLC
08/18/2010 10-14419-sccBoston Generating, LLCGCG, Inc.
08/03/2010 10-14215-smbFGIC CorporationGCG, Inc.
07/19/2010 10-13800-sccInnkeepers USA TrustRust Consulting/Omni
04/14/2010 10-11963-cgmSaint Vincents Catholic Medical Centers of New Yor and Eugene I. Davis, Liquidating Trustee of the SaintEpiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
06/15/2009 09-13764-rgExtended Stay Inc.
06/01/2009 09-50026-regMotors Liquidation CompanyGCG, Inc.
05/27/2009 09-13412-mgOldco M Corporation and Oldco M Corporation (f/k/a Metaldyne Corporation)BMC Group, Inc.
05/06/2009 09-12889-regAGT Acquisition Wind-Down LLC
04/30/2009 09-50002-smbOld Carco LLC and RJM I, LLC, as Liquidation Trustee for Old Carco LEpiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
02/18/2009 09-10691-regBearingPoint, Inc.GCG, Inc.
02/05/2009 09-10497-rddFortunoff Holdings, LLCGCG, Inc.
01/12/2009 09-10156-mewTronox IncorporatedKurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
01/06/2009 09-10023-regLyondell Chemical Company and Millennium Custodial Trust
12/11/2008 08-01789-smbSecurities Investor Protection Corporation v. Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, LLC. et a
12/11/2008 08-99000-smbAdministrative Case Re: 08-1789 (Securities Invest
11/19/2008 08-14604-mgBH S&B Holdings LLC
10/26/2008 08-14197-jlgValue City Holdings, Inc.Epiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
09/19/2008 08-01420-sccLehman Brothers Inc.
09/15/2008 08-13555-sccLehman Brothers Holdings Inc.Epiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
01/21/2008 08-10152-jlgQuebecor World (USA) Inc.Donlin & Recano
11/17/2006 06-12737-smbM. Fabrikant & Sons, Inc.Donlin & Recano
11/02/2006 06-12618-jlgThe New York Racing Association Inc.GCG, Inc.
09/22/2006 06-12226-rddCoudert Brothers LLPKurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
01/25/2006 06-10152-rddG+G Retail, Inc. and Counsel for Liquidating DebtorEpiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
12/20/2005 05-60200-cgmCalpine CorporationKurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
10/17/2005 05-60006-rddRefco Inc.Rust Consulting/Omni Bankruptcy
10/08/2005 05-44481-rddDPH Holdings Corp., et al.Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
07/05/2005 05-14945-cgmSaint Vincents Catholic Medical Centers of New YorEpiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
09/03/2004 04-15739-smbQuigley Company, Inc.Trumbull Group, LLC
02/24/2004 04-11139-rddParmalat USA Corp.
02/09/2004 04-40329-smbOne Price Clothing Stores, Inc.
08/19/2002 02-14024-smbHH Liquidating Corp. and EisnerAmper, LLPEpiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
07/21/2002 02-13533-mgWorldCom, Inc. and Verizon Business Global LLC f/k/a MCI, Inc.Epiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
06/25/2002 02-41729-regAdelphia Communications CorporationEpiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
04/01/2002 02-40826-jlgOgden New York Services, Inc.Epiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
01/28/2002 02-40188-regGlobal Crossing Ltd.Epiq Bankrupcty Solutions, LLC
09/24/2001 01-42400-regDairy Mart Convenience Stores, Inc. and Liquidating Trustee for Dairy Mart Convenience StoTrumbull Group, LLC
08/20/2001 01-42217-regAmes Department Stores, Inc.Donlin & Recano
05/21/2001 01-12974-smbTeligent, Inc. and Reorganized TeligentBMC Group, Inc.
07/21/1999 99-10425-smbTrace International Holdings, Inc.
04/07/1994 94-41683-smbGranite Partners, L.P.
08/26/1982 82-11656-cgmJohns-Manville Corporation Et. Al.